From The President


A reflection of the year...

As we bring the calendar year of 2018 to a close, here is a very small recap of what your Chapter has been doing, especially since we are now a "Silver" chapter, recognized for 25 years of membership!!!!!

While the majority of the year was enjoyable, there were some points where we suffered losses in our ranks; the Southeastern Regional Director CW5 (R) Jim Rathburn, RSA area Warrant Officers CW3 (R) Ronnie Dotson, CW3 (R) Gary Woods, and CW4 (R) Aniceto Bagley.
Chapter elections were held and LTG (R) James Pillsbury installed CW5 (R) Keith Langewisch as Chapter President and CW3 (R) Clarissa Lewis as Chapter Vice-President. They will be great elected officials and lead the chapter with continued success! I would like to publically thank the entire membership for your support and dedication over the past two years as I served as Chapter President; especially CW3 (R) Rob Seybold, CW3 (R) Bill Alcorn, CW4 (R) Rich (Chris) Christian, CW5 (R) Alan Ruzicka, CW4 (R) Max Bennett, CW3 (R) Joe Shiver, CW4 (R) Johnie Keeter, CW2 (R) Dan Hopkins, CW5 (R) Tim McCarter, CW3 (R) Andy Haq, and CW5 (R) Mike Weist for helping, teaching coaching, and developing me, and making the 100th Dinner and all events a huge success!! We did it right and it was enjoyed by all (see Newsliner)!

This year was a busy one, highlighted at the Annual National Meeting of the Members (AMM) by the USAWOA National Board's recognition for our chapter as the best in community service with both the Community Affairs For Services To The Community and the Community Affairs For Sustaining Programs. We were again recognized as the best Chapter (Worldwide) for the eighth time! The Southeastern Region received the Outstanding Region award and the Overall Best Region for Recruitment and Retention. These awards are determined through your hard work and dedication.

Redstone Arsenal Warrants pride themselves on community service and their commitment is in full stride in the months prior to the New Year. The Tut Fann BBQ, the 100th Birthday of the Warrant Officer, Redstone Arsenal Ball fields clean-up, Texas Roadhouse dinner, MWR's Adult Day Out, and Oktoberfest events were huge successes, while CASA wheel chair ramp construction projects continue throughout the winter and spring. Huntsville's Veteran's Day parade is one of the best in the Nation, with the best Master of Ceremonies in the Nation, assembled through the hard work and planning of many. We were there for our annual Salvation Army Holiday Bell Ringing with Santa hats at both kettles throughout the warm and sunny day filled with Christmas spirits and fun. Our annual Christmas party was again celebrated at the Weist home and brought us fully into the season with family and friends. In short, our members are a lot of fun to be around! You can find these and other activities at the top of this page, click on the menu item "Calendar". We are starting to fill the calendar for 2019 with Chapter and community events and hope to see you often; it is what distinguishes your Chapter from the rest.

For all of our visitors to the Redstone Warrants home page, I hope you find what we do inspiring for you and your organization. Meetings are at the Installation Bowling Alley (off of Patton Road) on Redstone Arsenal, second Wednesday of the month, at 1130; love to have you there. As always, your participation makes this Chapter great and I am thankful for your efforts; y'all truly are the best!!

CW3 (R) Gary Mayers
Past Chapter President, Past Chapter Vice-President, Proud Chapter Member