Annual Meeting of The Members



Annual Meeting of the Members



Above this article, to the right, you will see several links to  Annual Membership Meetings of the USAWOA, Please click on each previous AMM link to see your friends and fellow warrant officers engaged in the business (and fun) of your organization at one of the past AMM meetings.

What is an AMM?

The agenda for the AMM begins each year with a registration, a golf event (for those arriving early) and the Welcome reception on Day One; Day Two consists of Introduction of the National Officers and establishment of the Parliamentarian’s Report and Rules and Procedures for the AMM, confirmation of a quorum, and welcoming comments by a guest speaker, followed by reports from the National Officers and Region Directors; Day Three usually is the day reserved for Professional Development Activities; Day Four provides an opportunity to receive briefings from Army Staff and Components on issues of interest to the warrant population in general as well as updates on a wide variety of issues affecting our military community; Day Five wraps up the business of the AMM and adjourns the formal portion of the meeting.  The final day concludes with the Banquet and Ball.


The above description does very little to describe the true value obtained from attending an AMM in person.  One can always read the after action reports rendered by the National, Region and other leaders printed in the NEWSLINER’s or elsewhere after all attendees have returned to their home stations.


What can never be captured in print is the enthusiasm and concern for the real issues facing our community by those exceptional leaders that have been elected or have taken it upon their selves to stand up and be the spokespersons for the rest of us.  There is a certain amount of awe and respect that is felt when individuals such as Percy Butler stand before you and plead for your understanding of the needs of those less fortunate than we have been.  The wisdom gained from years of experience dealing with issues impacting all of us is shared by senior warrants such as Greg Gouty, Jim White, Pete Hill and the revered Don Hess who was instrumental in founding our organization.    


The opportunity for individuals to provide their input and lessons learned during discussions at the Presidents and Retirees breakfasts in an informal setting is a great chance for newly elected chapter officers to gain experience and learn about what works for others.  Discussions overheard and participated in at the Hospitality Room events about shared challenges at Fort (insert your own here) often lead to solutions for a problem that may have been plaguing a younger warrant officer.  New friendships are made during these events that often result in a new mentoring relationship being fostered, or just good friends having the opportunity to catch up after several years apart.  I could go on for several pages about what I have learned at previous AMM’s, however I will close with a sincere wish to see you at an upcoming AMM or many more of these events in the future.–


Michael Weist, Past President (2014-2016), Redstone Arsenal Chapter