Local Warrant Officer Association offers help to the homebound

by ,of WHNT news 19

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – We know our home is a haven, a safe spot; but, that does not mean we never want to leave it.

“I am stuck here,” Huntsville resident Sharon Jean said.

Jean has had a tough time leaving her home since she had a stroke on April 24th. But, her luck changed this weekend. Thanks to the handiwork of the Local Warrant Officer Association and Care Assurance System for the Aging and Homebound (CASA) in Madison, homebound homeowners are finding a way out.

“That’s a blessing to have people that will come out, who don’t know you, and will build you something that will help you get out of the house,” Jean said.

In a little more than four hours, Warrant Officer Association volunteers opend up her world.

“I am just going to get out and just walk around,” Jean said.

If you would like to help them in their efforts, you don’t need a contractor’s license or medals of honor to make a change in the lives of those they help.

“Anybody can come out and volunteer with us, it actually changes people’s lives in a day,” Max Bennett of the Warrant Officer Association said. “This enables us in a four hour period, we get to change somebody’s life.”

According to the organization’s president Michael Weist, CASA collects donations to fund the ramp builds and the Warrant Officer Association provides teams 12 times a year to construct them.